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by Zylae

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i feel like i make too much undertale stuff and feel like i need to make other stuff like fnaf or stuff like that
*sees that Addicted2Electronics has deactivated*

Cry run 
Night Of a Pirate
also a little effect test on DarkBroom

Model Credit:
Foxy by xSugarbunny
Stage by ???

Are you okay if I make FNAF related things?
Let's take a look at the trailer so you know what it's about below here...


Transformice is a 2D platform game where you are a mouse and get the cheese and run back into the hole. I too, play the game. It's really fun! But there is one issue with the game.

The game is barely unmoderated.

Yep, you heard me, unmoderated.

There's a feature in the game called the Cafe. It allows you to chat with other people. People that go on it a lot are called ''Cafers''. I am a cafer. But the issue with the Cafe is...

IT'S HIGHLY UNMODERATED! Hardly any moderators go on the Cafe. But the Transformice community works hard to make the game better. Here's what I mean: Say like you were spamming the same thing over and over and over. You'd get a 0 hour mute saying: Stop spamming or Please stop spamming.
Yet if you continue, you would either get a 2 hour mute or a 1 hour mute. I was muted for example.
Back in 2015, I was muted for 1 hr for racist language.


In 2016, I was banned for 360 hours (2 weeks) for this reason.

I was in a stream (if you don't know what is, its a thing that lets you stream things but not your computer.) I was playing transformice on and when I had to leave, I told them they could do whatever they want. Wrong choice. I forgot the tab was still open. From Happy To Crappy They started to play PORN in my room. The next day when I got on, it said that I was banned for 360 hrs for the following reason: Inappropriate profile picture, porn on Cafe. Please reconsider your life choices leading up to this moment and come back as a happy mouse in 2 weeks.

It made me upset and angry... Panda Emoji-21 (Mad) [V1]  but I'm glad it's no longer in my way. ANYWAYS BACK TO THE RANT-


The cafe is not a really nice place. Just sayin'. Cause they say this when you act ''noobish'':

''Get off the cafe''
''Change your pfp''
''Press alt + f4 for something amazing to happen!''

If anyone is wondering, alt + F4 closes the current window you're on. Now you know. Same for ctrl + W.

Cafe... Are you Braindead? 

This is why I sometimes stay off the Cafe. 

''but not many people know what alt + f4 does!''

But yet now I told them. Get roasted.Transformice Emoticons 6 

''but the cafe is great!''

This is a rant. I didn't ask for your opinion.

''if you do'nt like the cafe then leave!!''

I can be on the Cafe as much as I want. You're not the boss of me, kid.

Anyways I pretty much think that's it for the rant. If you have any questions tell me.


Foxofnope's Profile Picture
i aint tellin
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Why, hello there! I am Foxofnope. I am a pixel artist and a 3D Digital artist!

profile picture and deviantid by :iconmikaru-blackspade:

i don't by Sweetie-Pinkie
Magicalpouchofmagic Fan Stamp by AmazingMazin
Wishuponacrane Fan Stamp by AmazingMazin
Puccagarukiss Fan Stamp by AmazingMazin
JSE Fan Stamp by RedRavie

Yes I am:
Taking requests for posing in MMD
Taking friend requests (for now)

No I don't:

Do model requests (i dont even know how to model yet)
Take random friend requests (i am for now)
Do commissions

Please do not:
Reupload or recolor my work without my permission
Try to copy my username (seriously thats very annoying)
Put death threats in my comments section
Say ''Thanks for the fav/watch/llama badge'' in my comments section
Call me a clown

Please do:
Speak english in my comments section (english is my main language, and i don't speak any others)
Be nice to my friends and me or else I'll find you and put legos on your house floors
Report art that looks similar to mine (aka art theft) and i'll try to deal with the problem

Mah besties:
:iconmagicalpouchofmagic: (ILY MOTHER)
:iconwishuponacrane: (I ALSO LOVE YOU)

now go away


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